Rahua has rainforest grown beauty for beautiful hair!

I lately wrote concerning the beautiful Rahua line of hair and physique care that’s centered round rahua oil.  I examined a number of physique merchandise that I like and couldn’t wait to strive the hair care merchandise for the reason that Rahua line was created by the well-known New York hair stylist/colorist Fabian Lliguin. He was within the Amazon doing environmental work when he realized the ladies all had fabulous hair that was past waist size. They informed him it was all due to rahua oil which their tribe had used for centuries. So Fabian introduced some again to the US and was astounded on the outcomes the oil had on his shoppers. He and his spouse Anna Ayers created the Rahua model and the Quechua-Shuar tribe produces the rahua oil for them in the identical precise sustainable approach they’ve for generations.

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Rahua Rainforest Grown Beauty

The star of the Rahua hair merchandise is unquestionably the Rahua Elixir ($175). If that is in your price range, I simply can’t suggest it sufficient. It’s like a rainforest miracle in a bottle. The oil is tremendous concentrated, and a tiny bit offers instant outcomes – it makes broken hair smooth and wholesome trying, and it calms sore, itchy scalps and helps hair develop sooner. The formulation is filled with antioxidants and antibacterials, and it additionally retains hair colour tremendous vibrant. The scent is the beautiful freshness of Palo Santo oil.

Rahua Elixir

Repairs, strengthens and restores broken hair
Delivers long-lasting moisture and excessive shine
Calms, soothes, hydrates, and protects the scalp
Promotes blood circulation and stimulates hair development

RAHUA (UNGURAHUA): Amazonian girls have for eons relied on the oil from this tree nut to nurture and strengthen their hair. It fortifies weak, broken strands, nourishes and maintains hair follicle and scalp well being, and its super-fine molecules push colour pigmentation deep into the hair shaft, significantly extending colour endurance. We use Symbiotic®* Rahua.

PALO SANTO: Known as “holy wood” and prized by Amazonian shamans for the reason that Incan period for its religious purifying properties, the essence of this wild tree is Rahua’s signature scent. Its subtle, earthy aroma gives a soothing aromatherapy expertise.

To use the Elixir, you simply take a couple of drops and rub them between your palms. Then, run it by means of hair and onto your scalp after you type your hair and earlier than utilizing any setting spray. Your hair will appear and feel unbelievable – clean, wholesome, mushy, and so shiny!

If you want a extra intense therapy, use a whole dropper of oil on hair and scalp and go away it on in a single day. Just wash it out the following morning and your hair shall be remodeled. The Elixir is the BOMB.

Rahua Voluminous Dry Shampoo

The Elixir retains hair tremendous wholesome and there are two different merchandise that I examined for preserving hair trying superb between shampoos. The Voluminous Dry Shampoo ($32) could be very attention-grabbing – it appears like a typical spray on dry shampoo, nevertheless it isn’t. It’s really in an environmentally pleasant non-aerosol dispenser, and inside is a combination of clay, tapioca, and star anise for absorbing oil and offering texture and quantity to hair.

Rahua Voluminous Dry Shampoo

Cleans and refreshes
Builds quantity and physique
Adds texture

CASSAVA (TAPIOCA): This edible root has been a staple for Amazonian folks for hundreds of years. Organic, food-grade Cassava starch absorbs oil, perspiration, and particles from the scalp and hair and builds a supportive base for long-lasting sturdy kinds.

COSMETIC CLAY: Used for centuries in make-up and as a well being therapy, clay absorbs oil, perspiration, and dust from scalp and hair.

ORGANIC STAR ANISE: This evergreen seed gives a spicy perfume and antimicrobial properties that assist preserve a wholesome scalp.

The spray bottle is actually attention-grabbing however there’s a studying curve to utilizing it. Once you work it out, it is a very nifty dry shampoo that does what it says and is a superb various to chemical-based dry shampoos.

Rahua Voluminous Spray

Another method to hold your hair contemporary and revitalized between washes is with the Rahua Voluminous Spray ($32). Such a beautiful hair freshener for effective or oily hair! It smells unbelievable – a combination of lavender and eucalyptus that’s clear and beautiful. It has citrus juice that removes oiliness and I like that that is alcohol-free so it doesn’t dry out my ends. It simply offers my hair some carry and life.

Soft maintain
Light, beachy texture
Refreshes hair and scalp

ORGANIC CITRUS JUICES: Fruit extracts refresh hair and scalp by breaking down oils and lengthening time between shampooing and supply mushy maintain and texture

ORGANIC LEMONGRASS: Extracts from this plant give hair bounce, physique, and quantity by gently eradicating extra oils from the scalp and hair shaft with out compromising their moisture steadiness and integrity.

ORGANIC SUGARCANE: The extract from this reedy grass give hair maintain and pure shine.

LAVENDER: Prized around the globe since historical instances, the smoky, natural scent of this flowering plant (ours is cultivated in France) calms the thoughts and soothes the senses.

ORGANIC EUCALYPTUS: Best recognized for its refreshing scent, this tree’s extracts even have clarifying and antimicrobial properties. Eucalyptus retains hair clear longer and extends the time between shampoos.

I flip my hair over then spray my roots, sort of shaking my hair out whereas spraying. That offers me the perfect outcomes. When I wish to get tremendous fancy, I escape the blowdryer and use that for a couple of seconds as properly.  The outcomes are all the time terrific – no extra oil, a number of quantity, and my hair smells superior.

The hair merchandise from Rahua are top-notch and I’m actually loving them, particularly the Elixir and the Voluminous Spray. You can discover this beautiful environmentally acutely aware line on-line at rahua.com and at dermstore.com.  – Lisa

*Symbiotic® is Rahua®’s signature commonplace. In order for an ingredient to be labeled as Symbiotic®, it have to be rainforest grown (wild) in undisturbed virgin forest, harvested and ready utilizing indigenous information by folks indigenous to the virgin forest surroundings, and it have to be bought at a value that helps to develop and maintain these traditions, construct economies, and empower the indigenous folks.

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