【Little Chemical Burning】NULL Hair Removal Cream for Men, for body and private parts only Bikini line 7.05 oz.




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NULL Hair Removal Cream for men is one of the most notable hair removal product in Japan! Just apply this hair removal cream to the skin and leave for around 10 minutes. Then, wipe it off with a clean towel or sponge, and rinse off with water or lukewarm water. In this way, the hair removal cream enables anyone to get smooth skin easily! The cream completely removes unwanted hair by adhering to every single hair, even short hair. Its remarkable removal ability allows you to get beautiful silky skin. Those who have sensitive skin should use this hair removal cream because it is designed not to cause chemical burning, itchiness, and irritation. The moisturizing ingredients, including aloe extract, perfectly hydrate the skin to protect it from the damage caused by hair removal. Besides, the hair removal cream eliminates the strong chemical odor of conventional hair removal cream as much as possible. Furthermore, this product gives you a fresh green floral scent so it can refresh your feeling. Therefore, the product is recommended not only to men but also to women. Also, the product is manufactured with consistent domestic production in Japan. Even its ingredients and its container are also produced in Japan. Hence, this hair removal cream is perfectly qualified to be called “Made In Japan.” Moreover, because of its gentleness, this product can remove hair even on private parts (only pubic hair and bikini line hair). However, please do not apply it to the face, head, and mucous membranes. We recommend using this hair removal cream for your arms, legs, chest, underarms, and pubic hair. In total, NULL Hair Remover Cream for men is sold more than 400,000 units so far in Japan. Recently, the product is drawing the attention of many people around the world, regardless of gender and skin types.●No Burning, No Itchiness and No Irritation.Those who have sensitive skin can be assured of using the product because this hair removal cream is designed not to cause those kind of skin troubles.
●High Hair Removal Ability. NULL Hair Removal Cream removes unwanted hair strongly by adhering to every single hair. Its great removal ability allows you to get beautiful silky skin.
●High Moisturizing Ability. NULL Hair Removal Cream contains aloe extract, perfectly moisturizes your skin so that it can protect your skin from damage caused by the hair removal.
●Applicable to Private Parts. This hair removal cream is so gentle that you can apply to bikini line as well as pubic hair.
●Less Strong Chemical Odor. The hair removal cream removes strong chemical odor that many hair removal cream has as much as possible. Instead, the product gives you fresh green floral scent.

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