10 Pack Makeup Blenders Foundation Blending Sponges, Cosmetic Tools (1 Pc)



Why should you choose  makeup sponge in your makeup routine?

All 、makeup sponges are made of non-latex materials, which have a super soft & bouncy feel.

blender can provide you with a smooth and even look, it’s suitable for various cosmetics.

More colors, more fun! We designed 10 bright colors for you, which easy to distinguish different parts and cosmetics, bring you a happy mood.

Premium materials and outstanding design attract most buyers love them. It also a gift which practical, thoughtful and enjoyable for every woman who loves beauty.


1. Non-latex material, Non-allergenic and Odor Free.

2. Can be used wet or dry and both fits your hand perfectly.

3. Different shapes for better applying makeup.

4. Do not soak up too much makeup products.


Will get: 10 makeup sponges

Because of our premium beauty sponge, women who tried the magic of this beauty tool finds it easier to apply their favorite products easier and faster! With that, the high demand is inevitable and tends to wipe off our stocks easily.

Hurry and get one of the few stocks left by clicking the “Add to Cart” button NOW to get your own premium beauty sponge!
MULTI USE MAKEUP SPONGE: The is the perfect partner for any highlighter, foundation or concealer. The large rounded surface area of the sponge ensures a quick application, while the contoured tip offers precision. Perfect for anyone on the go.
FLAWLESS The sponge leaves you looking fresh and flawless similar to any professional-styling contouring, highlighting and concealing tool.
CAN BE USED WET OR DRY : Dab it gently in the makeup and bounce it along your skin for a natural, flawless look. Minimal absorption with maximum coverage and made to last!
SMOOTH BLEND: The award winning aqua-activated sponge grows to about twice its size when wet, and absorbs minimal product so your formula lands on your complexion and not your sponge. Bounce and blend the soft sponge to a smooth finish.


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