19pcs Eyelash Extension Kits,Professional Mannequin Head Training Eyelashes Extensions Practice Cosmetology Esthetician Supplies with Eye Lashes Glue Tweezers Tools sets for Makeup Practice Eye Lashes



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Item Type: Eyelash Extension Set
Shelf Life: 3 years
Package Weight: App 1020g

Package Included:
1. 1pc x Makeup Mannequin Head
2. 1pc x Digital Eye Stickers
3. 5pairs x False Eyelash
4. 1Box12 Row x Individual Eyelashes 10mm
5. 1Box x Cluster Eyelashes
6. 1pc x Straight Tweezers
7. 1pc x Curve Tweezers
8. 3pcs x Mini Eyelash Brush
9. 1pc x Air Puffer Blower ( For drying )
10. 1pc x Scissors
11. 10pcs x Disposable Cotton Swab
12. 1pc x Eyelash Glue Remover 5g
13. 1pc x Eyelash Cleaner
14. 1pc x Eyelash Adhesive 10ml ( Odorous )
15. 1pc x Eyelash Extension Eye Patch
16. 1pc x Tape
17. 2pc x Glue Ring Shaped Holder
18. 1pc x Makeup Bag
19. 1pc x Eyelash Glue Holder

Clients eyes must be kept closed throughout the entire application procedure.
1.THE COMPLETE SET TAILORED FOR YOU -Using five-point practice isolation paper can learn eyelash isolation quickly and easily, clean cotton swabs, eyelash comb, grafting ring, gasket and tape for eyelash extension practice,free admission bag can store your eyelash extensions tools well so as to avoid losing

2.EYELASH EXTENSION PRACTICE TOOL SET – Mannequin head is smooth, realistic surface texture and simulative of human skin, which will be more convenient to practice,the hole of the mannequin head on the back can be easily fix on the mannequin holder or clamp, can also be used with any holder for upright use

3.A GREAT GIFT AND FUN TO WORK WITH – Have fun while practicing lash application techniques that you will use for the rest of your career. This set will make you fall in love again and again with creating beautiful eyelashes. You will learn how to add tons of volume to lashes with perfection. Don’t settle for any other lash kit, make eyelash extensions application the best possible experience it can be!!

4.CONVENIENT TO PRACTICE – available in 2pcs different form of tweezers, different situations with different tweezers, very easy to apply the eyelashes,the sufficient number of two different false eyelashes is enough for your daily practice

5.GREAT GIFT – A great doll gift for your daughter, cosmetology students, massagist and woman to practice making up or facial massage

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