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CAREDO l Repairing Dental Caries Hard tissues of teeth will not regenerate once abrasions occur. Oral experts propose ‘tooth pulp and tooth decay restoration theory’ by inducing suggesting making the pulp to produce more enamel cells, and use these cells to restore teeth. This will prolong the lifespan of teeth and at the same time prevent other oral disease. Warning: Children aged twelve or under are not advised to use this product unless otherwise advised by their dentist. For toothpastes of similar function, please consider CAREDO Repairing Dental Caries for Kids.Shipment from Amazon warehouse five days after purchase//Repairing Dental Caries/Recommended by oral experts in healing tooth decay
Dentin tubules on the eroded surface are filled with particles from the toothpaste and this forms a hard crystalized layer, eliminating sensitivity to pain
The new, restorative crystalized enamel layer replaces the decayed and softened dentine. This puts the pain caused by tooth decay and chewing to an end.
The softened layer which is eroded by dental plaque is replaced by crystalized enamel layer which is a few millimeters thick. This gives protection to the pulp and prevents pulpitis.

Suzanne Somers