3 Tray 3D Volume Eyelash Extension 12mm+13mm+14mm Short Stem Fans| Optional Curl C/D 8-15mm Length |




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Benefits of Russian Volume Lashes

The Russian volume eyelash extensions help fill in the gaps between sparse natural lashes that classic extensions could not do. The volume lashes create a fluffy, softer look to the lashes. They have been reported to cause less damage to the natural eyelash, because of the lighter weight. Many people think that more volume means more adhesive, but this is also a misconception about the new lashes. The new lashes require only a small fraction of that which was used with previous extension techniques. The new lashes look darker than classic sets also, adding a richer look to your lashes.

Obviously, another major benefit is how they make you look and feel. You can get up in the morning and without having to apply any makeup, can look pretty good. Having the dark lashes, you never have to use mascara again. If you are just running a few errands and you don’t want to do a full makeup job, you know that you will still look fabulous because you have your eyes on. When you do decide to do full makeup, you will look like a movie star with your dark, full lashes.

Volume lashes are where two up to 6 light weight, thin lashes are combined and added to one natural lash. The lashes are fanned out to add volume to each natural lash, rather than just adding length. The weight of the volume lashes is usually less than a classic single extension. 

ღ Product: 100% handmade 3D Russian volume premade fans eyelashes extension thickness 0.10 D curl length 12mm 1 tray, 13mm 1 tray, 14mm 1tray, total 3 tray
ღ Features: premade fans eyelashes extension Short Stem conventional the Bottom, this style thick more than Grinding the Bottom, installation fast
ღ Feature: made with Black PBT Material from Korea,Silk matte long stem(firm, not dispersed) of lashes 1 tray 240 pcs
ღ Easy to use: Silk mink lashes extension are stable curl ,removable easily from the strips and the strips can be picked from the basis easily as well.Eyelash Extension Supplies for Salon and professional Lash Artist
ღ LIFETIME MANUFACTURER’S GUARANTE: To prove how confident we are in our product, we offer a lifetime money back guarantee with every purchase! If you are not completely satisfied with your lashes, we will refund your purchase with no exception! Click the Add to Cart Button Now!

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