3 Tray Eyelash Extension 0.07 C Curl 10mm+11mm+12mm Soft Black Matte | Optional C/D Curl 8-15mm and Mix Length |




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Higu Clace Silk Lashes was born out of passionate, enthusiastiD lash technicians, pursuing extremely high standard eyelash extension products. 

Precisely manufactured from the highest PBT materials, Higu Clace Silk Lashes boast a deep, rich black colour and semi-matte finish. 

Higu Clace Silk Lashes has been crafted from the industry’s most experienced craftsmen, who have added 15% more lashes on each row.

All Premium Silk Lashes have been hand curled to achieve perfect smooth curls. The variation between each lash row has been limited to the minimum. 

A brand new non-stick tape has been introduced to make sure lashes are free of glue after detaching from tape. Lashes have been double treated for amazing curl retention.

Easily removable: the lash is easily removable from the transfer strip.

Easily picked: the paper strip is easily removable from the basis.

Stable curl: the curl keeps stable and thickness standard.

No residue: the lash has no residue from the transfer strip.

No kink: the lash has no kink.

Non-sticky:the lash do not stick together after removed from the transfer strip.

Warm tips:

Please keep these lashes in cool and dry place,and use professional eyelash extensions glue.

Individual eyelashes should deviate from the root of the real eyelash 0.5-1mm, and glue on the real eyelash one side.

These are for salon perfect or professional use. If you are a beginner please use these carfully

ღ PRODUCT: 12 rows/tray lashes extension made with Premium Matte black PBT Materials from Korea 0.07 thickness C curl 9mm 1 tray 10mm 1tray 11mm 1 tray total 3 tray
ღ EASY TO USE : Silk lashes extension are removable easily from the strips and the strips can be picked from the basis easily as well. Eyelash Extension Supplies for Salon and professional Lash Artist, huge time saver.
ღ STABLE CURL : 0.07 C curl eyelash extensions brighten the eyes like a barbie’s.The Curl can last for a long time and there is obvious waterproof. They are safe for sleeping, sweating and swimming.
ღ SOFT and LIGHTWEIGHT : Individual lashes are made of premium A-class silk material and 100% handmade from our factory. Eyelashes are as SOFT and LIGHT as our own eyelashes. Comfortable wear.
ღ NATURAL LOOK : Higu eyelash extensions are virtually weightless and curved to replicate a natural eyelash for truly natural look.

Suzanne Somers