[Pack of 300] Blue Oral Swab/Unflavored and Untreated Swabs/Disposable Sterile Mouth Swabs/Individually Wrapped Oral Swabs for Dental and Hygienic Purpose/Oral Care Swabs by JJ CARE




✅[SIMPLY THE BEST QUALITY] Our ergonomic and everlasting oral care swabs are made of strongest high-quality swab material. they are durable yet soft and gentle. you will never have to experience poorly made flimsy plastic swabsticks nor fragile sticks. Our disposable swabs are 6.1 inch. Not too long, not too short, just long enough to reach any part of the teeth, but you never have to worry about hitting your throat. They are perfect!
✅[UNTREATED AND UNFLAVORED] We ensure chemical-free antibiotic sterile overall hygiene oral swabs that doesn’t leave any bad aftertaste. They will never cause any sore nor discomfort even with everyday use. Often used for senior oral care, adult oral care, child oral care and sometimes even pet oral care, They are ideal for infants and elders with sensitive teeth, gums and skin.
✅[INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED] – For maximum hygienic purposes and easy storage, our Oral Swabs are individually wrapped. They are carefully packaged a box where you can use it as a dispenser! A must-have in every dental clinic, medical clinic and home alike. Contamination-free and worry-free storage option!
✅[100% NON-ABRASIVE SPONGE FOAM HEAD] – Whether you have difficulty swallowing solid food (dysphagia) or you are bedridden patient or maybe you need extra oral hygiene due to braces and clear aligners, Our 100% non-abrasive tips with plastic handles are perfect for your oral care. Cleanse, moisturize and refresh your mouth, teeth and gums with our JJ CARE Oral Swab
✅[Pack of 300] – Why waste money buying 50 pcs every month? Try ours and save money! We promise you not only the quantity, but also the quality!

Suzanne Somers