Premade Volume Eyelash Extensions 3D Lash Extensions 8~20mm C/D Curl Premade Fans Cluster Individual Lashes by FADLASH (3D-0.10-C, 8~14mm mixed tray)

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FADLASH started went public with lash extensions 5 years ago.

FADLASH are a professional eyelash extensions supplier.

Not only can supply wholesale price for large quantities to buy lash extensions, but 

also can put your logo on the card. Add our IG: fadlash_eyelashes to get more informations.

FADLASH 3D premade volume eyelash extensions.

Thickness: 0.10mm

Curl: C

Length: 8~14mm

Quantity: 12lines, 240pcs/tray.

Material: high quality matte synthetic fiber from Korea.

Save time: auto-fan, don’t need to make fans by yourself.

How to use:

Use the tweezers to clip the positions that close to the eyelashes root, do not clip

the eyelashes middle or top directly, as this will cause the lashes to deform or separate.

Each lashes is grafted on one real eyelash.

Save Recommendation:

1. Avoid direct sunlight and humidity, keep products in the shade.

2. Keep the eyelashes in a case away from dirt.

After-sales service:

If you are not fully satisfied with our products, 

please email me or add our IG: fadlash_eyelashes, we will solve it at the first time.

❤ Specifications: 3d 0.10mm c curl mixed length: 8mm*1line, 14mm*1 line, 9mm~13mm*2 lines. Total 240 premade fans in one box.
❤ Material: high quality PBT silk, soft, light weight and hypoallergenic volume eyelash extensions. Premade fans saves time.
❤ Skill: using the tweezer to clip the position near the premade fans root, do not clip the middle or top. It will cause the fans depart.
❤ Premade volume eyelash extensions great for creating a full, fluffy volume look. Suitable for Salon and professional Lash Artist.
❤ Guarantee Policy: If you don’t like our products or have any questions, please don’t worry, just contact us, we will do the best solution.

Suzanne Somers