Ultra Fine Cosmetic Grade Vitamin C Powder | DISSOLVES INSTANTLY IN WATER | Finest quality available (325 MESH) | Make your own fresh and effective vitamin C serum

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This pure L Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) powder is specifically formulated for cosmetic use. Its ultra fine, powder-like consistency dissolves instantly in water resulting in luxurious serums that penetrate and absorb into the skin. Bos Essentials Vitamin C Powder can be added to an existing cream or cosmetic product or used to create a unique DIY serum.

Basic Instructions:

Add between one half and two tablespoons Bos Essentials Vitamin C Powder to four tablespoons water. Mix until dissolved (this should not take more than 2-3 seconds). Apply solution to face, neck and décolletage using a cotton puff.

½ tablespoon = approximately a 5% solution

1 tablespoon = approximately a 10% solution

1 ½ tablespoon = approximately a 15% solution

2 tablespoons = approximately a 20% solution

*Always start with the smallest percentage possible and spot test for sensitivity. A small amount of baking soda can be added to solution to increase PH if desired. Measurements are approximate only, for exact measurements, a scale should be used.

Serum Instructions: Supercharge your DIY Vitamin C Serum by adding Hyaluronic Acid and/or Ferulic Acid

In 4 tablespoons of water, add:

Between ½ and 2 tablespoons Bos Essentials Vitamin C Powder (for a 5-20% Vitamin C solution)

A few pinches of Bos Essentials Ferulic Acid Powder (optional – helps to stabilize vitamin c and adds additional antioxidant properties)

½ teaspoon Bos Essentials Hyaluronic Acid Powder (add only when the rest of the ingredients are fully dissolved)

Additional ingredients can be added at the customers discretion. Refrigerate until gelled and apply daily prior to the rest of your beauty routine.

DON’T JUST PURCHASE ANY VITAMIN C POWDER FOR YOUR COSMETIC NEEDS. Bos Essentials Vitamin C Powder is specifically formulated for cosmetic use, its ultra fine powder-like consistency allows it to dissolve INSTANTLY in water, creating luxurious serums and allowing deeper skin penetration
ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL INGREDIENTS IN ANTI AGING. Vitamin C increases collagen production, neutralizes free radicals, brightens skin, diminishes lines and wrinkles and has been shown in studies to prevent and treat ultraviolet (UV)-induced photodamage
FRESH IS ALWAYS BEST. Vitamin C is highly unstable and degrades quickly. Commercial Vitamin C products are expensive and not very effective. By making your own fresh serums, you can save money and take advantage of its full range of skin benefits
CLEAN AND PURE POWDER. No fillers, additives or additional ingredients, just pure L Ascorbic Acid. Lab tested for purity and guaranteed bacteria free.

Suzanne Somers